Sony MDR-V6

Sony MDR-V6 Review

Sony MDR V6



Best Over Ear Headphones $50-$100 Range

Sony MDR-V6 is a classic in the audiophile world.  It is very durable, sounds great and feels comfortable.   It has a great natural feel over all frequencies.  Reviewers rave about this headphone for it’s price range,  many people said they have had it for over 20 years.  They are used by many recording/mixing and audio professionals, a lot of people say it’s a headphone they can’t do without.  The only problems noticed is that the earpads wear out once in awhile, but they’re easy to replace and you can find them easily since these headphones are so popular and widely used.

Sony MDR-V6 vs Sony MDR 7506

Many also like the Sony MDR 7506 but they are virtually the same.  The differences in these two headphones are:

-The price-The V6’s are usually cheaper

-The MDR 7506 came after the V6 but has the same exact components except for the 7506 has a gold plated headphone connector

-The MDR 7506’s are labeled through Sony as their “Professional” department while the V6’s are labeled under their “Consumer” Department.  Some like the 7506’s because under the Professional label, it seems the warranty might be easier to deal with.  But the overall thought is to just save your money and go with the V6’s, they last a long time and Sony will still honor your warranty it just might take a little more work.

Sony MDR-V6 Review

Pro’s of the Sony MDR-V6’s

-Great frequency response.  5Hz – 30,000H you can hear all the things you were missing with other headphones.

-Better Bass than most headphones.  You can easily get “more”bass by using the eq if you want that, these have great deep bass. Most headphones roll-off at about 40 or 50hz, the V6’s do not. Under $100 to even $200, these are considered to have the best and most accurate bass of all headphones.

-They Last- These headphones last a long time and are really durable.  Read the reviews and you will see how many people said they have these headphones forever and love them.

-Easily Portable

Sony MDR-V6 Con’s

-Some say that the ear pads fall apart after awhile, but you can order them really cheap and even buy better ear pads if you want to upgrade those.

-A few out of hundreds of reviews said they’re not comfortable with big heads.  Well I have a huge head and I own a pair and they feel great to me.

Product Features:

Comes with Headphones, 1/4 inch jack and Carrying PuchFrequency Response: 5 Hz – 30 kHz
Magnet Type: Neodymium
Sensitivity: 106 dB/mW
Impedance: 63 ohms
Cable Length: 10 Feet
Power Handling Capacity: 1000 mW

Sony MDR V-6 Reviews and Prices

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