Sennheiser HD 598 Review

Sennheiser HD 598 Review

Specs and Information

If you have read my blog some you know that I love Sennheiser headphones and their products.   These headphones are one of my favorite lately, a sound engineer friend of mine gave me the opportunity to listen to them in the studio and I’m hooked.  Some bass heads have complained that they don’t have a lot of bass, but I like a good balance and don’t like the bass to be overwhelming.   If you prefer mostly bass than you might want to look at the Audio Technica ATH M50 headphones.  If you’re more into a balanced sound I would have a look at these headphones.   I think they’re the best headphones under 300 right now, they’re usually in the mid to low $200 range.

If you’re about looks as much as sound, these things look really nice.  They have the wood parts with the nice finish, they don’t look cheap like some other headphones in the same price-range (won’t name names).

Sennheiser HD 598

Big Soundstage

These are open-backed headphones which gives it a bigger sound stage.  So it sounds like you’re getting a bigger field of sound around you.   Great for music, gaming and movies.  I borrowed these to play Call of Duty and they are great for picking up footsteps and noise around you.  So they’re great for gamers also.

They’re Comfortable

These guys are really comfortable when I used them, they fit around the ear and don’t give the tight annoying feeling that can be painful after awhile.   The cushions are also washable and can detach for cleaning.

New Added Technology

One of the reasons I really like Sennheiser is they don’t get lazy just because they’re one of the biggest headphone designers.   They designed some new stuff like the use of a new proprietary DuoFol diaphragm and driver geometry that aims to minimize inter-modulation distortion while producing a very fast frequency response extension.  Translation, it gives you a smoother more detailed listening experience.  These guys also use E.A.R. technology for outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity. Sennheiser’s innovative “Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement” (E.A.R.) design channels audio signals directly into your ears.


Just from hearing these myself and looking around at other peoples opinions I think these are the best headphones under $300 right now.   These are great overall, the only downside I have seen is if you’re more into bass.   I think they have great bass and sound good with bass driven music but that’s the only reason I could see someone not being into them.  If you want a warm sounding well balanced quality headphone I would recommended these to anyone, you can’t go wrong with these.

Best Prices and Reviews

Want to Amp Them Up?

These sound great on their own but if you want to amp these headphones for even more clarity and quality.  My buddy has the

Nuforce ICON-UDAC2

headphone amp, it seems to be the best headphone amp in it’s price range that goes with headphones.   Just check out the reviews and you’ll see it’s preferred by a lot of people.   Headphone amps are a must for audiophiles and people obsessed with audio like me.

Hope you enjoyed my article, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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  1. hello-this is a good article for a newbie headphone buyer.My question is how is a headphone amplifier connected to a small stereo like the yamaha 040 which i just bought-thank-you for any help you may give.

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