Prevent Hearing Loss

How to Prevent Hearing Loss.

How to Prevent Hearing Loss


The Internal Medicine studies say that 16% Adult age Americans have hearing damage due to headphones.   Doctors are worried about teens that use headphones and blast the music.   I love loud music and I’m paying for it now, I can tell my hearing isn’t the same.  I was always pretty careful though so it isn’t too bad but people don’t realize how common this is.   Hearing loss is the 3rd most common health problem in the states.  If your are careful and don’t to crazy you will be fine with headphones but you just need to learn some basic practices to help prevent hearing loss.

CNN reports that thirty six million Americans are reporting hearing loss.   There are different degrees to hearing loss, the milder loss is having a hard time hearing when there is background noise.   Something in the middle is like if you need someone to repeat themselves a bunch when talking to them.  The more serious hearing loss is when it’s almost impossible to follow a conversation or you need people to piratically yell.  I’m sure most of us have known older people that are like this but it can and does happen to younger people a lot more.

Some Signs You Might Have Hearing Loss

  • If you constantly need people to repeat themselves
  • Other people sound muffled
  • Radio or TV is Turned up Really Loud
  • You have ringing in the ears
  • You start to read more lips and trying to get what they’re saying.
  • Are annoyed because you can’t hear other people in conversations as well.

Ways You Can Prevent Hearing Loss

  • Limit The Loud Bursts With Headphones – Like I said, I love loud music but a good rule is to use it in segments if you’re going to use them.  A good rule is to use it for an hour and then rest your ears by turning the volume down, our ears aren’t designed to handle long periods of loud noise.
  • Protect Your Ears- If you work at a place where you have to speak pretty loud just to talk to someone, your most likely damaging your ears.  Decibels at 120db can damage our hearing pretty quickly so be aware of your surroundings and how loud it is.   This can also happen if you like loud music or events like Nascar or other loud events.   Best thing to do is get some ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones (but don’t compensate and turn the music up to hear).
  • Decibels Matter- Decibels higher than 110 can cause damage after 1 minute.   Guess what? Rock Concerts and firecrackers are 140 decibels!
  • Close VS Constant Long-Term – Close bursts of loud noises like firecrackers can cause immediate damage, but noises like engines running lawn mowers and constant loud noises regularly can do just as much damage.
  • Don’t Loose Those Cells!  – We are born with on average 40,000 hair cells in our ear that pick up sound.   Through aging and carelessness about hearing we loose those over time and never get them back.   So be careful with your ears.

You can easily prevent hearing loss.   I love headphones and loud stuff as much as the next person but I also learned I need to watch what I do.   Headphones are amazing to me and I listen to them all the time but just be careful and don’t blast them too much for too long or you will pay for it later.   Listen but take breaks and give you ears a rest, wear ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones and just give your ears some rest sometimes.

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