Ludacris Headphones SL300 Out Now.

Ludacris Headphones - Soul by Soul Electronics

Ludacris Headphones by Soul Electronics

Soul Electronics is now shipping the SL300 nationwide, it’s the best of his collection so far.   These are high-end headphones and I haven’t heard them but they seem to be getting good reviews.   A lot of people are saying they are way better than Beats by Dre and some ratings show better results.  To be fair I haven’t seen this myself or heard them yet but from what I have heard from Beats by Dre it shouldn’t be that hard to beat out.   If you’re into hip hop, Luda or just looking to get away from Beats by Dre than you might want to have a look at these.   I personally like the look and the SOUL on the side but that’s just me.

More Ludacris Headphones to Come.

The SL300 headphones are noise cancelling headphones and look like they have some good specs and are built pretty good but it looks like there are more to come soon.   Not sure if they will be as high-end as these but it sounds like he will soon have high definition earbuds as well.  There are already some high-definition models he has out, the SL100 and SL 150’s and others.

Will he beat out Dre?

Only time will tell if he will beat out Dre, if you’re a beats by Dre fan or a Ludacris soul fan let us know your thoughts.   Monster and Beats by Dre are definitely winning the PR campaign but Ludacris might do well with word of mouth.   Ludacris with Fast and the Furious and constant radio play could come out ahead, I’m really curious to hear these headphones and see if they’re actually quality headphones.   A lot of celebrity headphones are great for advertising but don’t do that well with quality, so I’m waiting to see.   But some reviews seem to be out and these are looking promising.

Ludacris Headphones SL300 Reviews and Prices

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