Five Televisions Offering Audiophile Quality Sound

Today I have a guest post about Televisions that have great audio and sound quality.

Too often the focus on visuals in the television market dominates the progression of new products, neglecting the quality of the sound. The good news is that there are a number of televisions on the market which can still boast fantastic sound quality. To save you visiting innumerable electrical stores and listening to each and every television on the market, here is a round-up of some of the most attractive options for those who care about the quality of sound coming from their TV.

Vizio P50HDTV10A

This offering from Vizio shows us the highest level of functionality available at the moment when it comes to audio. This set has a wide range of connections, making it compatible with the preferences of any audiophile. The only downside being the absence of an RS 232 or IR input.

The Vizio set also offers a number of on-board equalising controls. Users can affect the bass, treble and balance allowing full control over the television’s audio output. While users have full control, they will notice that the bass is particularly strong on this set. The Vizio is capable of creating a punchy bass sound which does not distort speech, as is so common in many of today’s televisions.

Panasonic VIERA TXL42ET5B

The only 3D tv to appear on our list, the Panasonic is a television set designed for watching films in high quality. The audio on the Panasonic set offers unrivalled clarity with great lows and mids. As standard you can expect a digital optical out and 1080p resolution.

Sony XBR HX929

The speakers built in to the Sony set leave a little to be desired. However, this television makes up for it when used in conjunction with a full system, or even a simple sound bar. Specifications wise, there is little that this television set is not capable of. You do get the IR and RS 232C features, unlike with the Vizio. The Sony also features a number of built-in sound enhancing features whose presence becomes noticeable when the sound is run through your existing system.

LG 32LV355U

This LG set offers high audio quality at a lower price than the above two sets. While the connectivity is not as great as the above two sets, the quality represents astonishing depth considering this set’s cost. Users can expect a digital optical output for connection to AV sound systems.

Samsung UE40D5520

This set comes in around the middle of most budgets. Offering 1080p and brilliant connectivity, the Samsung ticks all of the regular boxes. You won’t receive quite the level of balancing capabilities that you will find on the Vizio, but the sound is as punchy and wholesome. A top quality product from a well known brand.

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