Best DJ Headphones Under 50


Best DJ Headphones Under 50

Sennheiser HD-205 Studio Monitors

Here is our favorite pick for the best dj headphones under 50.   We have searched around and the leading headphone is a Sennheiser, shocking if you read my blog.   Not really shocking, I love Sennheiser and I have no bias towards them but they just create great quality headphones even on their lower-end headphones.   Using these myself and searching around through hundreds of reviews, these below come out ahead.

For it’s price it’s an awesome headphone, if you’re just starting out then these will work great for you.   They don’t have bass like more expensive ones but for under $50 they have good bass.  There noise cancelling is ok and does the job, they are also really comfortable.  It has a swivel for mixing while DJ’ing and are made really well.

Here are some of it’s high points

  • Great Price
  • Good Clarity Through High’s, Mid’s and Low’s.
  • Comfortable
  • Built Well

Low Points

  • Not as Much Bass as More Expensive Models
  • Not as Much Noise Cancelling for DJ’s as More Premier Models

Who Are These Headphones Good For?

These headphones are good for beginner DJ’s or DJ’s on a budget.  We wouldn’t recommend these to DJ’s hitting the clubs to play a gig.  But they are great for practicing at home or playing small parties, even though they don’t have the best bass or noise cancelling you won’t find that under $50.   Don’t get me wrong the Bass and Noise Cancelling aren’t the worst they’re just not the best out there but definitely the best under 50.

Here are what some of the reviewers said:

“This is probably one of the best, cheap, amazing headphones I ever bought”

“Sound Quality is Great Wish It Had More Bass Though”

“Stretch Them Out Some and They’re Really Comfortable”

* These actually ended up being a little over $50, but we decided to leave the post since they’re such quality headphones.

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