The Best Music Apps for Iphone

Steve Jobs revolutionized the way we listen to music with the release of the Ipod. The Ipod with its easy to use interface, attractive design and the Itunes software became an instant hit with musicians, producers and music lovers alike. The Iphone is like an Ipod with several other features and it acts as a phone too! There are several popular music apps that are not only very functional but also provide a variety of genres too. Here is a list of some of the popular music apps.

  • IHeart Radio- This is a great app for anyone who is homesick and wants to tune into their town’s radio station or if you are just tired of all the nonsense that play at your local radio station. This app lets you tune into over 800 radio stations from around the country across various genres. It provides a catalog of more than 11 million songs.
  • Shazam- This app is the answer to that question which we can find ourselves asking several times, “Who sang this song?”. Shazam is an interactive app that listens to any song from a music source (say a speaker); through the phones mic and it lets you know which song, artist, album and even the lyrics of the song!
  • Nomis- This is a handy app that lets you catch a preview of a new single from your favorite artist before it is played out on the radio. The best feature is that you don’t miss out on any new released single from your favorite artist.
  • FlyCast- Flycst offers a wide variety of options for your music tastes. It has a wide variety of channels of music, videos and talk radio. In fact, over 2000 channels are available. You can create your favorite list of channels. Flycast also has options that help in reducing the drain of battery power.
  • Anthem Music Videos- This app lets you create a personalized list of music videos. You can check out new artists and bands that are similar to your preferred genres.
  • Pandora- This is one of the most popular apps on the Iphone. All you have to do is type in your favorite artist and Pandora will create a list that consists of your favorite artists as well as music matching your tastes. You can get to discover new artists that are similar to your music choices.The best part is you can listen to all these songs for free!

These are some of the apps that are present in Iphone, there are several other music related apps like music event apps that notify you about the latest concerts or music events happening in your town. There is a lot to look forward to for music enthusiasts from the Iphone App store.

Can My Water Damaged iPhone Be Fixed?

water damaged iphone

Many people happen to drop their iPhone in water accidentally. Most of the folks feel depressed when their favorite iPhone encounters water damages because they think that the application might be damaged beyond repair. However, that’s not the case. Moreover, it is possible to fix most of the damages in a do it yourself manner. Follow the water damaged iPhone repair procedure below to fix your device.

Identify your iPhone Water Damage

The damage caused to the iPhone largely depends on how long the device has been in water. When your favorite iPhone slips into water and you remove it from the water immediately, there are likely chances that the device is still on. If it is on, turn it off right away by pressing the power/sleep button on the top of the device. If the device gets stuck on the white pinwheel while turning off, hold the button for some time and the application will get switched off. On the other hand, if the device remains in water for a long time, it will get switched off on its own. If the device gets turned off by itself, do not attempt to turn in on.

Remove the Sim Card and Dry Out the Device

Take out the sim card with the help of a paperclip or the tool you received along with your iPhone. Allow the device as well as the sim card to dry for some time. Now wipe out traces of water from the device with the help of a paper towel. Shake the device gently to remove big water drops from the device. Use a blow dryer to dry out the iPhone as well as the sim card. Set the blow dryer on low heat and dry the sim card opening, the headphone jack as well as the dock connection on the bottom for ten to fifteen minutes. Make sure that the device is still turned off./p

The iPhone Rice Drying Trick

Even after drying the device with a blow dryer, there will be lot of moisture inside the application. In order to eliminate all traces of water from the application, take some uncooked rice and place your device along with the rice in an airtight spot for few days to a couple of weeks. This method takes a bit of time, but you can get rid of all water damages 90 percent of the time.

The iPhone Recovery

After some days, remove the device from the airtight spot and plug it into a socket. Depending on the status of your application, you will see a low battery icon or a ‘connect to iTunes’ logo which indicates that the device needs to be restored or nothing. If you do not see any screen, leave the iPhone in rice for few more days. If you still do not get success, disassemble the device and clean internal parts with alcohol rubbing. In most of the cases, your device will recover from water damages through the above procedure. If the problem is serious and the iPhone does not open up, take the device to a repair shop that specializes in a iPhone water damage repair.

Let us know if you have any other tricks or tips.