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What are the best headphones?

My name is Justin and I love great music and quality headphones, I searched all over to narrow down the greatest by type and price for those interested.  Great music along with my quality listening products is an awesome combination that I’m sure many of you can relate with.   I have tested many of these products and gathered other information through hundreds to thousands of reviews and comments by average customers, audio professionals and musicians and technical details from Wiki.   I graduated as a sound engineer and love music and all things audio related, so I really wanted to create a quality website where people can get an unbiased review of these products as well as the latest news.  We have cheaper products for those on a budget all the way up to expensive products for the avid audiophile.   All the products listed on this website are great quality electronics no matter what price, we really want to present the best of each type and price range.

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Have a look around we tried to give you some valuable information on all different types and prices.

Great Spot to Buy?

We found through all the research the best place to buy is Amazon , they have the cheapest price of guaranteed quality in our opinion.   For the research on this website, we used our own ears, customer reviews, forums, professionals and musicians to compile the best list on this website.   Amazon is a great source where you can find really great discounts.   They are a licensed dealer of these products which makes it a nice all around spot.

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Buying Guide

For those that aren’t that into audio, many people prefer different products and want to know what are the top ones around.  You can go with these different types below, here is a quick guide.


Over Ear or Full Size, they can be open, closed and also noise cancelling.  Full Sized generally are more comfortable and fit nicely on your head. Most have nice drivers so you can easily power them with a MP3 player, ipod etc.  Even-though they can be generally more comfortable, other types are getting more and more comfortable.   Earbuds nowadays come with more and more tips that you can change and adjust.  If you’re conscience or worried about others hearing your music leaking through, I would go with over ear.

EarBuds (also called in ear monitors, IEM’s, ear canal, earphones etc) Some ear buds fit deeper or shallower into your ear.  Some come with different tips for comfort, we review all of them and let you know if they come with those or what the reviews say about the comfort.   A nice thing about Earbuds is that they isolate pretty well, so you don’t have to go and blast them to make up for outside sounds.   A good example is musicians that want to isolate what they’re listening too and not have to over compensate for the outside noise.

Noise Cancelling ones are designed to block out external sound, some are active (they need a battery source) and some are non active and don’t need that extra energy source to power them. They come in full size and also Earbuds.   You can find some really nice ones in here that rival the so called “best” sets out there.   Some are great at advertising and not so good at delivering, so we have a great list of products that might not get as much attention but definitely over deliver for the money.

I really wanted to find the greatest products out there and give you some great information if you want to get a great set no matter what the price is.   Hopefully with this website you will find the greatest options for you and let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help.

We also have celebrity and comic ones like, the hip hop artist Ludacris headphones and Captain America.

Some of the top posts that get the most views are the Sennheiser HD 598 reviewSennheiser HD 650 , Sony MDR-V6 Review and Ludacris phones.

But all the sets listed on this website are quality in their type and price range.   So have a look around and if you have any suggestions or products you want reviewed, you can either send me a message on Twitter to the right or leave a comment.

As you can probably see I like Sennheiser I think they’re really under rated but they’re plenty of great options by other manufacturers.   Every maker can make great and bad headphones .   Some of ones being over-hyped are great at marketing but actually have really badly made and vice versa.

I tried to organize everything so you can find what you’re looking for.  I know a lot of people like me had the question about what the superior ones are. So hopefully I helped you come to a better conclusion.  Contact us if you want us to review one or if you have some suggestions.

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